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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Oportunidad de empleo en Bélgica

Temporary scientific collaborator (M/F)

NN 2009-070

Final Application Date:

Expert group:
RP Dosimetry and Calibration

Job description:

  • Conducting research in the field of radiation protection dosimetry (PL7), more specifically in the area of retrospective dosimetry and accident dosimetry and the use of materials (natural, synthetic, coincidental...) and methods (optically stimulated luminescence, thermoluminescence, electron spin resonance) for this purpose;
  • conducting test measurements and optimising existing and new experimental luminescence measurement positions;
  • installing, using, calibrating and maintaining automatic OSL/TL readout equipment designed for R&D;
  • collaborating with other research projects by the expert group within the field of dosimetry such as neutron dosimetry and space travel dosimetry;
  • reporting on research results by writing reports, international publications and giving presentations at conferences;
  • participating in existing and new international forms of co-operation related to dosimetry;
  • initiating and submitting project proposals related to dosimetry;
  • supervising theses in this area;
  • giving courses on dosimetry in radiation protection.

Required qualifications:

  • Masters degree in science or PhD in science;
  • experience with dosimetry is a strong plus point;
  • prepared to work with ionising radiation;
  • knowledge of computer applications;
  • proficiency in French and Dutch.

Duration: 2 years

Full Job Description: 2009070eE.pdf (59 kB)

Send your application letter and detailed curriculum vitae with reference NN 2009-070 not later than 2010-01-31 to:

Evi Belmans
Human Resources Management
Boeretang 200 - 2400 MOL


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